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Issue with Wasabi Plugin

Hi, I am attempting to use your wasabi plugin on bubble to upload files in my app. I am using a separate plugin to intake the files so that my users can use google drive and etc, to select files. After that plugin has accepted the file, I am using your plugins “upload from another cloud” action to upload the files to wasabi. This works fine for most files, but it seems to fail with files over 400-500 MB most times. Are you aware of any file size limits with this action in the plugin?

Hi @kevin1, thanks for reaching out.

Currently, this API call is in BETA mode. The initial max upload file size has been 150MB and recently increased to 300MB. If you try to upload files with a larger size, it may respond with an error message (depending on the current load of the server that is ensuring this feature).

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with about our plugin.


Thanks for that info Serg! Any idea of when those intend to be increased? I would need at least 2GB limits

Hi @kevin1, thanks for your question.

I’ve passed your request to the developer team for consideration. Once they will provide any feedback, I will let you know asap.