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Jobly as SaaS / Licensing

Hi, I would like to purchase the Jobly template and implement it as a SaaS for services businesses to subscribe to its use. 2 Questions:

1> Does it come with the subscription level functionality for new customers to sign up, select their subscription level and pay just like in the demo site?

2> Can I use the Standard license since I am not making custom modifications per customer. All customers will use the same site and functionality.


Hi @wardey0513, thanks for reaching out and interest in our template.

The Demo site is exactly the same as the template that you receive on purchase. This includes the abovementioned subscription functionality also.

Sure thing you can, the Standard license is right for the case when you are creating applications only for your own use (business or personal) and cannot be used for creating applications for third parties.
To learn more about Bubble template licenses please click here.

Allow me to mention that currently, we are fixing a few issues found within the Jobly template, and once the template update will come to live, we will notify you also.

Hope the provided information helps. Please let me know if I can help with anything else related to our plugin.