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Jobly - Create new user not working


I just bought the template Jobly. But when I go to the Manage Team and click on create new, nothing happens. I get to a blank page. It is the same in your own demo. What is wrong?

Thank you

Hello @ulvi

Thanks for reaching out! Could you kindly, give us a step by step issue reproduction, which page is, your setup workflow with as much details as possible?
So we could help you better.
Thanks :pray:


Thank you for your reply. But I have nothing to add. It is inside “Manage Team” and click “Create new”. Try it in your own demo. Nothing comes up. You only see a white part. I have attached images:

Hello @ulvi

Thanks for pointing out, we’ll take a look at the issue.

However I believe the only the Owner of the platform can add new users, we provide in demo only manager role and customer role. That is why no accessible, however it shouldn’t be visible as well.
We’ll double check the demo account, though. We’ll provide an update on the matter, asap.
Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Hello @ulvi

Thanks for patience and reporting the issue.

We’ve improved the demo page for template, now it is possible to test all types of users for the platform.
As I mentioned above, the feature to add new users is designed solely for Owner.
Please check out, our demo page and give it a try!

Thanks for understanding.



Users are getting created along with the Email link sent automatically to the address mentioned in the profile. However when User access the page via the Activation link; its showing page 404.

We tried debugging to find the URL is pointing to signin page which is not available in the template.

May you please check and confirm?