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Jobly Lite - Service Business - How To Upgrade

We have started developing an app for one of our clients. We started with the “Jobly Lite - Service Business” template.

On the “admin_dashboard” page, we see this message:
If you purchased this template, please check template documentation (Jobly - Service Business Template) on how to enable the full admin access.

How do we upgrade our template to the “Jobly Service Business Template”? We don’t want to lose all the work we have already done in the app with the current version of the template.

Please help as soon as possible. We are working to a tight schedule to deliver this app for our client.


Hello, @moss. Thanks for reaching out

Jobly Lite and Jobly Service Business are 2 different products. Unfortunately, even if you purchase the paid Jobly version, it is impossible to automatically integrate it into your already existing app (created on Jobly Lite). It is impossible because to use the Jobly paid template version you have to create a new app and use the purchased template as a base. And there is no way to auto-migrate the setup of one app to another, due to the platform logic.

Then the only way you can “upgrade” your current app with the paid template’s functionalities is to purchase the paid template, create a new app using it and check which parts of the paid template are lacking in your current app. And then add them manually into your currently used app.

Apologies, but there seem to be no other way to achieve your goal. :pensive:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our products.
Have a good day. :pray:

Hi @kate . Thank you for your very quick reply.

It is really frustrating that there is no upgrade path. We have already done a lot of work in the current app with the Jobly Lite template. I think that we have no option but to do as you suggested. Create a brand new app with the Jobly Service Business template. Then we will need to try and work out what parts we need from the new template and manually add them to the current app. Unfortunately this is going to cost us a lot of extra development time.

Thank you again for your reply Kate.

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@moss ,

Agree, it is quite a headache but no other options are available :confounded:
Still, feel free to reach us if you have any questions.

All the best on the path to building your project. :pray: