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Jobly template 2 problems



I am currently editing the Jobly template.
(which is great btw)
But i ran into two problems.

#1 - I Have multiple types of customers /users so i added a new data type etc. Now i want to display customer nr.2 the same way in popup “select customer or create new” but when the popup show the list/repeating group does not display the list of customers

#2 - In multiple pages within the app after editing the pages in the editor my changes/translations don’t show in the preview mode.

i really want to fix this so i can move on with the app…

Thank you in advance,


Please ask me if you need some more clarification or more specific screenshots


Hello @twanbox, could you please provide screenshots of workflow elements which should display customer no 2 and your changes/translations, i think it could be a problem with fetching from database.

And also provide me please a screenshot with your browser console, for reaching it you have to press ctr+shift+i on Windows, and cmd+alt+i on MacOs.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Nikita,
Yes, I think the problem is on the list of landlords in the database. the customer id’s show up as a list in the database under the organization.

but the List of landlords stays empty.


@twanbox Could you please add [email protected] at contributors for your app, i will check all the Workflow and will try to setup that by myself.


i Sent the link to [email protected]


Hey @twanbox you didn’t add support as cooperators, I don’t have access to your app. Proofs. For adding me as contributor you have to open your app settings and select this one tab and add [email protected] as collaborator.


I know, I’m not jet on a professional plan so I cant add collaborators.
I changed the Application rights so can you try clicking on the link again?

Thanks for the help Nik!
I really appreciate it.


Is there a way this can be turned into an ios and android app for workers and use this template for management staff ?


Hi there
already replied in intercom, but will copy it here as well.
We have a solution for turning web apps into native apps - https://zeroqode.com/native


We want to resell the solution we build to other business’s via a monthly subscription, if we buy the template for $199 and they need to subscribe to bubble for $125 a month how on earth are we supposed to make any money ? What is the best way to do this and actually make a business out of it ?


Hi @tunetrak
why do they need to subscribe for $125? what kind of solution do you have in mind?


Can someone please help with the issue
I can not yet add contributors to the app


you can add [email protected] - it is on agency plan - you don’t need to upgrade your app for that.