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Jobly Template issues cannot create workable user

Anybody had any success with this purchased template? Even after several support suggestions from Zeroqode I cant seem to get it to work. After creating and account and setting the Roles to Owner and the Level to 5 it doesn’t want to get out of demo mode and loops to complete account set up. Discovered that the Stripe plugins were outdated and can cause issue. Can run as demo.owner and can explore most of the functions but that’s about all. Overall its structure looks great - if only I could use it. Glad of any suggestions because Zeroqode don’t seem to have the answers. Thanks

Hello, @kevin.brightwell
First of all, we are sorry for the experience you faced with this template.

I will do my best to help you with all your issues. In order to proceed with it, let’s start from the beginning:

You can create an Owner user/account when you are using the Sign In template function. Then, you should follow the registration process and indicate your user role = Owner. Please take a look:

You can also set yourself as Admin - https://prnt.sc/12kr90a
One more variant is to remove all conditionals from the template, that limit the user’s rights ( for the period of platform customization).

In order to ensure that the creation of the Owner is correct, please create a new copy of the application from this template (it’s free) without any customized features and try to create it one more time.

In case this action is not possible for you, please share with us some details regarding the way of creating the account and setting the roles. You can record a screencast to just share the screenshots for every action.

As I understand you correctly, you are meaning the Stripe.js plugin. So using it might be still okay, but in case if you find some plugin bug it won’t be possible to fix it.
However, you can remove this plugin and all workflows, related to this one.

After removing this plugin and all flows, please re-complete them accordingly to the Stripe plugin.

We will be happy to assist you to make things workable. so will be looking to hear you soon.
Best regards,