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Jobly Template Problems


I’ve tried both in Chrome and Safari. Each perform about the same. Safari is worse… but not by much.


At this point, I don’t think I am going to be able to use it. What is the refund policy? I am not planning to leave a public negative review or anything like that. I’m sure your other templates are excellent. It’s just so unusable, there’s no way I can reliably build anything with it.


Hi Andrew,
we decided to break the page down into few separate pages, this should really solve the issue. We’ll try to make it done this week or early next week.
Will you bear with us while we get this done please?


Absolutely! I appreciate you guys trying to rectify the situation.


Hi Andrew,
we’ve just pushed an update where we split the dashboard’s functionality. Can you please create a new app from the template and see if it works well now?
the new dashboard page is called “dashboard_lite”. the initial dashboard page was left intact.
we will be updating the docs shortly


Thanks for the update @levon I’ll give it a try this week and will let you know. Appreciate you guys trying to make this right…