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Jobly Template Problems


Just got the Jobly template. I have a robust internet connection and a good computer, but the app has issues when loading the responsive view. In general it is very slow compared to the other apps that I have. I realize this is perhaps a much larger app, but I can’t do anything with it since it continues to dump any time I try to do anything in the app.



Hi Steve,
you are right, that happens because the app is much more complex than usual
Did you try to append &issues_off=true at the end of the URL when you open the “dashboard” page in the Bubble editor?
that should help
please let us know


I will digest. You have some work yet to do.


not sure I understood what you mean


I will challenge your premise. This app will work for me because I understand workflow. You will benefit.


If your unsure I ask a simple question, have you ever worked for/with/founded a service company?


yes, I founded a service company before, and a few others, Zeroqode is my 5-th startup, why the question?
Still don’t understand what you mean by your posts


No hate, big fan Levon. This app is what it is. I will follow up as I dig in further.


thanks Steve, keep up posted with your progress


hey Levon, Firstly I want to thank you for the excellent work you and your team have done to put this template out ! this is exactly what my market needs. ! I am now well into setting up the template and reached a stumbling block which I hope you can help guide me with - as once it is setup fully and I get paid clients, I would like to move to a paid support model on new features and maintenance etc… if this is something zeroqode provides


currently I am facing an issue with setting up the paid plan purchasing, which is throwing an error, that has left my head scratching for 3 days now. lol I hope you can help pin point where I might be going wrong and attached screenshots below. do let me know if you need any additional info

I am a strong believer in long term partnerships therefore if we are able to build on this, that would be fantastic!
Many thanks,


Hi Jerold, thanks for the message and for the kind words!

unfortunately we don’t offer this right now, but maybe something changes in the future. Meanwhile, if you require help with modifications one alternative is to hire any other Bubble developer

did you get your stripe keys from stripe dashboard and inserted them in the plugin settings?


Hi guys, Unfortunately, I’m really struggling with this template as well. The backend editor keeps crashing and losing it’s connection. Or, it’ll seem to be working only for me to realizing it has lost connection and none of my changes were saved.

To answer your likely question, I have fios internet with a 60/60mbps connection. Not an internet speed issue. Any other recommendations? I’m bummed to have paid this much for a product that has thus far proven unusable. :-/ Hope you guys can help!


Hey Andrew, did you try this?


Unfortunately, yes. While it does make it possible to work a little longer without getting the disconnect error, I still find the template mostly unusable and very unstable. Any other recommendations?


Hi Andrew,
can you run this test and let us know what score you get? https://chromium.github.io/octane/


Sure… I got 36447 in Safari and 33441 in Chrome.


that’s a good score and it’s very strange that it fails for you when you add debugger off. Can you copy/paste the link to the editor with that parameter added here so we confirm that you are doing it right?


Honestly, even getting in to get the URL for you is so incredibly slow. It had to reload the page twice. And safari popped up a warning that the website is using so much memory that closing it would improve the performance of my mac.

Here’s the URL: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=dashboard&id=shootassistant&tab=tabs-1&issues_off=true


did you try Chrome, maybe it’d be better?