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Joining Discoursely + Uphunt


I have bought Uphunt and thinking of getting Discoursely as well - Only thing is I need to connect Uphunt as a tab on Discoursely. I intend to strip off many features from Uphunt, but concerned about user login. I want to have users to login via Discoursely and retain that information when they click on the tab which opens Uphunt. In the sense, users should not know that these two are different website and same login should work seamlessly. Would it be very hard to achieve this? Any help on this would be great.


Hello, Bharath,
thanks for the question.
Bubble allows logging in users of one app with credentials of the other app. It shouldn’t be very complicated.
But your users might click on “login” button again in order to get authenticated in the Uphunt template. However you might do a workflow on “page load” that would sign the users in automatically when they arrive to uphunt app.
Hope this helps


Thank you, Levon - helps a lot. I’ll look into the workflow part.