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Just Gage Plugin

Bought this plug in today. The functionality is quite nice with enough flexibility. However, as soon as I put two JustGage items onto a page only one gage will appear. There is a holding place for the other JustGages but they will not show.

This limits a dashboard page we are building to one useful gauge which is not what we paid for.

This example has 3 gauges on it and only one will appear, yet the demo page has 6.

Any ideas?


Hello @sanastasi, so the problem is in input field Unique ID, you didn’t define them and that’s why you faced that issue.

Add unique string value (in the demo it’s u1,u2) in the unique ID field and the problem solved.

Thank you,

Hi Nikita, please see attached. The Unique ID is different in both.

As you can see from the dev view, there is meant to be 2 gauges and one keeps transposing itself onto the other. In no circumstance will both gauges render separately. In the debug, the Output value of the gauge that is missing is (empty). In fact, the gauge you see on the right is actually the gauge that is placed on the left but it renders over the one on the right that is empty.

Happy to provide more information if necessary as we really need to resolve this for customer-facing dashboard.

  • Regards - Shane

Hey, @sanastasi here you can find the working model, so the issue was causing the initial value wasn’t defined in normal format. I just changed the initial value on 34 for testing purposes, and it’s displayed fine, so you just have to find how to receive data from the database correctly, and it will be displayed.

Thank you,

Nikita, this makes no sense. If I delete either gauge, it works perfectly by itself. They both receive the data from the database just fine. When I add both gauges, one gauge always overrides another. By simply plugging in a static starting value is not replicating the scenario.

At this stage, I’d rather get my money back on this plugin. The inability to renders more than one gauge retrieving data on a page makes the Just Gage plugin useless. Please advise.

A quick fix for this appears to be that if the gauges don’t access the database directly then they work. So you either need to create a completely separate group to house each gauge or create a group separately that retrieves the desired value. As soon as one gauge on a page accesses the database directly, the rest of the gauges disappear!

Is there a user guide for these?

Hello @sanastasi.

Sorry for waiting, so the best way how to avoid that issue is to put delay on page loading.

Cause, why the gauge isn’t working, is the data retrieving from the database, for retrieve data plugin needs some time, and if the first action will be delay like here it will work fine.

Thank you.

I am having a somewhat similar issue. In my case, I have 2 gage’s side by side (this week and last week’s performance). For some reason, when rendering on the page, they are being swapped.

In the first screenshot, you will see the definition of the current week gage and its position on the page (note the id is unique). In the second screenshot you will see the definition of the last week gage and its position on the page. The final screenshot shows how it is being rendered.

I have been chasing this around and would love to get a resolution ASAP. Please advise.


Hi. I worked around this problem by creating a group and placing each gauge in a group. The group floors the query that solved at the number the gauge needs to show and inherits that the Parent group’s number.

Hopefully that will solve this problem also.

Hello there @ksaitow, actually the delay on page loading should work, did you tried it for your case as I suggested in that post.

The suggestion of @sanastasi is making things works, so try this both solutions and choose the best one for you.

Thank you,