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Justgage won't unsubscribe

I subscribed to the Justgage plugin for a while, whilst I was testing various things. Today I unsubscribed and uninstalled it, but every time I preview my app I get this message:

“The plugin JustGage is published under a commercial license and this app does not have a subscription. Please subscribe in the editor.”

I have done a search and can’t find the plugin being used anywhere, and I have not uninstalled it five times, but every time I preview the app I get this message, and when I go back in to my plugins list I see Justgage.

Any ideas how I can make it go away?

Hi @Siddhartha, thanks for reaching out. We have investigated it and I’m afraid we cannot provide you with a solution to this problem, as it is related to the Bubble tool editor itself. However, I highly suggest you report this issue here at https://bubble.io/bug_report, dedicated to this kind of bugs. Thank you for understanding :pray:

Thanks Alexandru. I will message them and hopefully they can figure it out, otherwise I am just going to have to buy it even though I am not needing it :slight_smile:

Hi @Siddhartha, please keep me up-to-date with this problem, as it is not favourable neither for you nor us. I’ll try to assist and see how I could help. Best