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Kanban template pre populated data bomb

Hi Just purchased the KanBan drag and drop template, opened it I get an error

The current plan prevents some features from functioning properly.

● This plan has a limit on the number of things in your database (currently using 8814 out of 200)

Would be nice if the template could be opened in a free plan.
Should I just delete all the data? Delete some of the data? Study the data schema to understand specifically how all the data works together so I can trim the existing data set down to a reasonable sample that demonstrates the features? Probably need to do that anyway.
Seems a template need not have 8814 data elements.

Thanks for any recommendations

Hello @larryreader

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, the data would have to be deleted for the template to function properly. I’d suggest you to remove most of the data from the 4 categories in the database, specifically “Tasks” as it has a lot of data that you won’t need, and can add manually later on.

In case there are any other questions, simply let me know :slight_smile:

Take care.

Thanks for your reply @Kirill
Note the basic plan only allows deleting 50 records at at time it seems, so sort of impossible for 6000 task records without upgrading the test app and I find no other way to delete the data on a free app plan. I think it is $30 for a plan where I can delete the data to test this template? Not sure it gets billed immediately. Anyway seems this template would have a much better new purchaser onboarding experience with a manageable sample data set instead of what it currently has.

I upgraded to a personal plan, which allowed me to preview the Live version. The live version populated a reasonable sample data set. I then copied the live database to the dev database / overwriting the data bomb in the dev database.
Bug #2
Every time the index page loads in dev preview it runs the API Workflow populatedata which basically crashes the page. Deleted that.
Seems now I have a test to look at.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @larryreader

You can simply delete the data from the database, and there should not be a problem with deleting more than 50 records at a time. Simply click on “Load 50 more items” and another 50 records will be loaded and can be deleted. Please, see the screenshots attached.

In case you have any other questions, just let me know.

Have a great day!

Ok, so let see 5967 / 50 = clicking load 50 more items 119 times, for that table. Got it!