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Keep getting this error with PDF Download Plugin

Not doing anything fancy, just a simple button workflow to trigger the Covert to PDF action and using all default settings and the ‘current page without floating headers’ option. Any help is appreciated.

The plugin Bubble Page to PDF converter / action Convert to PDF a Convert to PDF threw the following error: anonymous/<@PLUGIN_Bubble-Page-to-PDF-converter-element_action–Convert-to-PDF-Convert-to-PDF-.js:3:287
[email protected]https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/614b2aed7fae12611ae56a9f9a4241b9f4416a7abea9503f7ef3ca7f7dec7f69/xfalse/x7:2:2815
[email protected]https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/614b2aed7fae12611ae56a9f9a4241b9f4416a7abea9503f7ef3ca7f7dec7f69/xfalse/x7:2:1003 (please report this to the plugin author)

Hi @jon2,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this error is not reproducing on our side. Have you tried to check on our demo and its editor to see how things are set? You can find more guidance here and here. However, if you still experience the same issue, could you please share the following details:

1. screenshots/screencast of your app and workflows
2. describing what you’re trying to accomplish with this plugin
3. the exact steps to reproduce the issue
4. console logs
5. browser version and OS you’re using to develop your app

This way, we can get a better troubleshooting and see whether it is a plugin related issue or not, then provide a feedback with working solutions asap!


Hi @alexander, sorry for the delay but was trying to work out a lot of other things on the site and now back on this. I have a page that loads with data into charts, I simply want to provide my users the option of downloading the page with the charts as a PDF. Attached are my screenshots of the page, PDF elements, workflow (simple button to trigger Convert to PDF action) and the settings for that Action. Any help is appreciated!


Hi @jon2,

Thanks for feedback. Unfortunately, this specific error is not reproducing on our side. Could you please go to Settings - Collaboration tab within your editor. Add our [email protected] account to your collaborator’s list. Also, please tell us your app name and page name where this problem occurs on test. It would be best if you create a clone page for testing purposes, so we could tweak it and test the plugin on your side if you don’t mind.

Note: avoid the warning message regarding plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

We’ll investigate it inside your app and get back to you with a feedback asap.

@alexander I replied via email and got a bounce back…so I guess I need to post my reply here:

Thanks Alex, I have added you as collaborator and you can play around with this page as it reproduces the error as well. My guess is it has to do with plugin conflicts but looking forward to getting this resolved. https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=report_page_test&id=clik2flip&tab=tabs-1

Hi @jon2,

Thanks for sharing your app. We have managed to check on it and test our plugin. Unfortunately, there are some other plugins that get into a conflict, indeed. You can simply test the plugin and successfully convert your page into a PDF, including the other plugin of ours - RG to CSV, but for the rest ones I’m afraid we cannot guarantee to be compatible.

Please see the test_zq2 page that we have created to showcase plugin’s workable state. However, you’re still able to make it work and convert the charts as well, but there are some use cases we cannot identify or guarantee it will behave as expected.

Hope it helps and thanks for understanding. :pray:

Hi @jon2,

We have a major update. We managed to launch a new plugin element that has been rewritten from scratch. But an important note before upgrading to the latest version:

New element added is not compatible with previous actions. You may use current version of plugin as is, however, if upgrading the plugin to the latest version (which offers new element) – it will require adjustments in workflow and design once it is used.

Thanks a lot for understanding. :pray:

@alexander Thanks for letting me know, but here is my question, if I spend another $7 to re-subscribe to the plugin to see if it works now with my app and it doesn’t still, can I get a refund, as I have already wasted $14 while trying to figure out the compatibility issues?

Hi @jon2,

But you do not need to purchase this plugin in separate apps, because you simply need to upgrade it to the latest version in your existing app and give it a try again.

As for refunds, I’m afraid it is not possible on our side because plugin sales go through Bubble’s platform and according to their terms, there is no refund. However, you could always contact them at [email protected] and explain the situation, so they perhaps could help.

Perhaps the best way is testing our demo to see how plugin works, before actually purchasing. We’ll have to update our demo as well, with the new element and its actions so you could test it out and be sure it’s working as expected. I can inform you as soon as our demo page is updated, if you will. :pray: