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Keeping the file name from desktop to google drive - using google drive plugin

Hello, every time I upload a file through the google drive plugin on bubble to my drive, the file just gets upload and named as “untitled”


So how do I make it so the application keeps/applies the original title/name of the file?

Thank you!

Hi there, @oiplive

Could you please tell which GDrive plugin you’re using so we could check it out.

Yes this one: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/google-drive-api-1533643899387x405657498681344000

Any update on this? How is this plugin useful if all the files uploaded and uploaded as untitled??

Hello @oiplive

Sorry for delay, however we’re still working on fixing the issue. Please bear with us while we’re debugging, thanks for understanding.

Hello, @oiplive

Thanks for patience, we checked the plugin and steps should be as follow.

  1. Upload File -> (Get File Id result from step 1) -> Rename File.
    It could’ve been done with one, however it is not possible in Bubble so you’ll need to create this flow.
    Please try it out.


Thanks! Appreciate it!

@oiplive Hello.

Please upgrade to the latest version of plugin, refresh app and give it another try.

Hi @oiplive!
Did you try the update already!
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Kind regards,