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KML Issues with Google Map Extender Plugin


I have a few queries around the Map Extender but at the moment the main issue/query i have is that when displaying the KML file, it only seems to handle one Placemark.

To give you some context I have a KML file which contains multiple points and polygons. However as i use the Plugin/KML viewer functionality it only shows one Placemark. I am fairly sure the KML file is fine as i have uploaded this onto numerous KML viewers and it display the content i require. But when using the Map extender plugin does not show everything.

Please can you kindly shed some light on this. Happy to share the KML file or any further details with yourselves.


Hello @ari-ks

Could you please add [email protected] as contributors and also send the KLM file to the same email? This will help us to understand better the issue and its causes.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for getting back to me Alex, I have dropped an email to support.

I also have another query (let me know if i should also ask support this) but i have noticed that the Map Extender tends to override the setting of the normal map. For instance if use the normal map to show a list of markers, these are not appearing when connected to the map extender.

Hi, @ari-ks

Could you please resend the email to [email protected]? Sorry I missed a “t” in the previous message.

No, is no needed to send another query we will inspect this issue also. In order to find out the cause and the solution of your issues I will need to look at your app and to do this is needed to add [email protected] as contributors. To do that you have to open setting - go to collaboration and add [email protected] in the field invite a user.

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for the instructions Alex. I have added [email protected] as contributors and resent the email. If you didn’t receive these or have any other issues whilst debugging please let me know.

Appreciate your assistance on this.

Hello @ari-ks,

Thank you for access. I checked your applications and the plugin seems to work correctly. I uploaded a few different KML files which were visualized correctly. Also, I checked your KML file on other viewers and there is only one polygon. If it is possible could you please check once again your KML file.

At the same time if you need to show more elements on the map please make sure that in the field number of markers is selected “List”.


Regarding rewriting yes if you will connect two maps the data will be overwritten. This is a normal thing and cannot be changed.


Thanks for getting back to me and the swift response,

Regarding the KML file i rewrote this and as you stated it is now working. Previously i was using the following online viewer (https://www.doogal.co.uk/KmlViewer.php) which was rendering/visualising the old file hence some confusion on my part.

In terms of show the list of markers i understand this part but what i want to just verify is, it is not possible to show a list of markers whilst also displaying the KML file?

The reason im asking this is because I was thinking of using the “When a marker is clicked” functionality to link elements within the repeating group to the map. Currently I can show the markers using Points with the KML file via the Map Extender but then as far as i am aware these can then not be linked to the repeating group. Effectively i am trying to link the listings to the map whilst maintaining the polygons, if that makes sense.

Thanks for your assistance with this .

Hello @ari-ks,

Currently, the functionality of the plugin doesn’t allow to display a list of markers and KML file on one map. Anyway, we find this functionality to be interesting and will consider the possibility to add it in the next versions of the plugin.

Best Regards,

Great thanks for the assistance.

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