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💸 Koinz - Referrals & Rewards Template - updated to new Bubble Responsive Engine

Hey, Folks!

We’re happy to announce that we finished updating our Koinz - Referrals & Rewards | No-Code Template by Zeroqode to the new Bubble Responsive Engine. It’s a fully-responsive app across any user device.

Koinz Template allows users to create referral links and share them across social networks and other means of communication. This would help attract more users to any app or website in exchange for reward points that users can spend inside a store (a sample store comes as part of this template).
The documentation for this template has been significantly improved and now it’s quite comprehensive and detailed.


  • Responsive design
  • Referral system
  • Rewards system
  • Integrated store
  • Email verification
  • Admin panel
  • Unique design


LIVE DEMO: https://codefreereferrals.bubbleapps.io/

DOCUMENTATION: Koinz - Referrals & Rewards Template

Ecaterina Cheptini
QA & Support @Zeroqode
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