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Labs Tutorial Issue

Good Morning Zeroqode Team,

There is a pretty big issue with one of your videos/tutorial series. In the video, the creator is able to initiate a call to return calendar values. However, these values no longer return from the example he provides. Without those values, the video series doesn’t work.

Can you guys add small note under the video or provide a solution that adds those needed values?

Tutorial: Smart Calendar Booking System Course
Video Lesson: 3
Timemarker: 13:38

Hi @josh,

Thanks for reporting. In order to solve this issue, you actually have to open your real Google Calendar, and create an event. Then, you can initialize the call again and it will return the appropriate data as per video. Because now it is not returning this data as there is not data to be returned. You can check the Show raw data and see that busy [] is empty.

However, please make sure to follow these steps:

  • go through the tutorials process just to make sure everything is configured properly (placing a calendar element on page, checking app ID/app secret, logging in etc.)
  • creating an event in your Google Calendar
  • check JSON body to be correct, then initialize the call again

Hope it helps.


I was able to create two events. After initializing it again, the values still didn’t come in for Busy start and end times like the video. I tried initializing the code multiple times and the values are still limited.

Hi @josh3,

Thanks for feedback. Sorry but this issues are not reproducing on our side. It can be successfully initialized and the appropriate data is obtained if following all tutorial steps with precaution, as well as the previously mentioned instructions. Just make sure you’re doing all steps as per videos, try to log out then log in again (check whether you’ve created calendar events under appropriate Google account), then initialize the call.