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Latin America - Alternatives to Stripe

As you may or may not know, Stripe only works in Brazil. Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and the rest of South America are kinda left with ONLY Mercado Pago.

My pre purchase question is this: there’s a recomended way to integrate Bubble + Eaty - Food Delivery + MercadoPago? Maybe an API integration I’m failing to note somewhere?

It’d have be to be compatible with Mercado Pago Marketplace (one place, diferent vendors (every restaurant would be considered a vendor)), with the ‘place’ owner/administrator cutting himself a commision for every sale on the platform.

TL;DR: How to integrate Mercado Pago to Eaty?

Hello @somos.brave, thank you for reaching out!

We have a plugin using which you can integrate MercadoPago in your app. Here you can find its description and demo page. As an alternative to using this plugin, you can set up by your own all needed API calls using the API connector.

In order to change the payment system, you will need to find all workflows used for payments and redesign them into actions from the plugin that you want to use for payments.

Hope this will help!

Best Regards,

Niiice, I’ll look it up.

By any chance, do you know if the Zeroqode’s plugin for Mercado Pago supports Marketplace sales? (that’d be like Stripe Connect).
Thanks, Alex.

Hello @somos.brave,

This plugin doesn’t have the same functionalities as those available in Stripe Connect. Still, it can be used for marketplace sales. Please see below the full list of functionalities available in this plugin:

Data Calls:

  • Payment Methods - doc
  • Installments - doc


  • Get Customers - doc
  • Get A customer - doc
  • Create A customer - doc
  • Create A card Token - doc
  • Add Card Token To Customer - doc
  • Make a Payment - doc

Best Regards,