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The Lendly template has only 9 notes and those are pretty scant.

There is no explanation of how the loan calculations are determined which make it impossible to troubleshoot the charges errors or make any slight adjustments (such as not charging a full prepayment penalty, reducing interest etc).

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Please allow me to check this question internally. I will revert to you with the feedback at the nearest time.

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Hello, @jacob3!

I’d like to let you know the Documentation of the Template “Lendy” includes only the main features of the template and instructions how to use them.

Please be informed, that there is a plugin “Loan calculations” which is built into the template. This particular plugin generates loan calculations based on the data entered in the specific fields. You can fill all the necessary fields as you need. You can also see the screen described Workflow of the Plugin “Loan Calculation” in the Documentation of the template. The data like “Interest rate”, “Loan’s amount”, etc are entered in “Data”, but you can customize it as you need and enter the necessary digits for the calculation:

If there are any additional questions, please let me know.

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