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Lendy Investor sign up


There is a problem with the investor dashboard.

Investors can’t register.

This is the view

THanks for your help

Hello @rdlouis1,

I am afraid on our side the bug is not reproducing, everything is working properly. You can check this functionality on our Live Demo Page: https://peer2peer.bubbleapps.io/signup

Could you please verify if you didn’t change anything in your app? Does everything correspond with the settings of the original template?

Best Regards,

Everything corresponds, but it is not working still. People can’t register as investors


Ok, thank you for checking! Then could you please add [email protected] to as collaborators to your app and specify its name? That will allow us to investigate what is causing the issue. Also, in case you will see the notification regarding the limitation of your plan please disregard it.

Best Regards,

Hello, I added the email. Please let me know if there is anything. Thank you

Hello @rdlouis1, thank you for providing access to your app.

The problem with registering the investors appears because plugin Stripe.Js doesn’t have keys. On the plugins tab there is a list of plugins, find there the plugin Stripe.js and follow the instructions from there on how to set up it.

Best Regards,