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🏦 Lendy - p2p Lending Template Tutorial - New Course on Zeroqode Lab

This tutorial is an overview of the Lendy no-code template. Learn how it functions from a user’s point of view, how to configure data types and customize it.

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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We have purchased Lendy and we love it, it’s just we thought it would be more flexible. For instance the wording on the “borrow page” we want to edit but that page just shows a grey box…I am worried we just wasted money. :frowning:


Please don’t worry, I"m sure it wasn’t a waste of money. You just need to get familiar with using Bubble :slight_smile:
to help you with that we have these courses and I"d really recommend you to at least take the free foundation ones.
Changing the wording is very easy, please show the screenshots of what you are trying to do and we’ll help you out

Hi, Can i use the template in France ? Because Dwolla is not working in France so i need to integrate Tink and Lemonway plus the reglementations are differents for example in France we don’t have a credit score. At the end the app will be very different i’m not sure that it worth for me to buy this template. What do you think ?


Hello, @corentinnjee
Thanks for your interest in our templates.

Please consider that all our templates are fully customizable, which means it is possible to change almost any design/functional part.
Please check the documentation for this template and especially, for the payment section:

So, it is possible to change the payment system in the app, but this process is pretty difficult.
You should carefully analyze all actions, related to the payments and change them manually, together with receiving all required keys for this step.

Also, it is very important to understand if the required payment system provides an API for the Loan Applications.
The best way is to check with their support team if it is possible for this type of application :pray:

In case I can help you with any additional information - please let me know.
Best regards,