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Lendy Template - Google Imap Lending Terms Setup

Hello - I read through the docs and I am not finding how to edit the information presented here. Does anyone have access to this information?

Hi @moniquegowie,

Thanks for reaching out. Our docs provide a general structure of the template and a couple of important instructions for payments and things to note like Admin and database related features, but I’m afraid it doesn’t indicate how to edit a specific group for customization purposes. However, perhaps this is the part that you’re looking for:

This is page - borrow, element - Group Final Steps which includes all its child elements that you can locate in the Elements tree section within your editor, and modify them as you desire.

Hope it helps.


Hey Alex, thanks for your response. I’m am familiar with the elements tree and how to edit each element. I just suppose on this specific element you have a imap inserted for it. It seems to be for google docs. I wasn’t sure where in the document it talks about how to configure an imap in Bubble, via google docs.

Hi @moniquegowie,

Sorry for any misunderstanding. It seems that this feature is having some trouble. Please let us fix it and launch the updated version asap, so you’ll be able to create a project with fixed template.

Thanks in advance for patience. :pray:

Hello, I would prefer not to create another project as I have already spent many days working on this project to fit our niche. I would also have to pay for a new subscription, as bubble subscription are project by project bases. So unless there is a way to update my current project, that is the only way I wouldn’t feel the frustration of creating a whole new app.

Also, we wanted to launch sometime this week, do you know a good estimate on time that your team will be looking into this feature?

Hi @moniquegowie,

Thanks for feedback. I can understand, it might be really frustrating to tweak it from scratch. Please let us fix it and I’ll notify you back, as our development team is already working to solve these bugs. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee estimates, but it is going to be launched with fixed version as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for understanding. :pray:

Hi Alex, once you fix your version, can you go in a fix my version individually so I don’t have to pay twice for a subscription on a brand new app?

Hi @moniquegowie,

Thanks for catching up and sorry for delay. I’m afraid fixing the template inside customers applications is beyond our support services, but you don’t have to pay twice for a subscription, because even if you are building this specific project under a paid plan, you’re free to create new project with Hobby plan and use the same template just for testing purposes. So as soon as we launch the fixed version, you could compare the two projects and perhaps easily copy paste the elements/workflows so it will make things work in your existing one as well.

Thanks for understanding :pray:

Totally makes sense. I will do that, I keep forgetting Bubble is based on workflows and not traditional codeing. Anyways, thanks!

Hi @moniquegowie,

I’m reaching out with an update. First of all, please consider our apologies for such a long wait. There had been lots of chained trouble with our template, but our development team managed to fix all of the problems. There is a last sprint that we are waiting to be done because it comes from Bubble’s end. We issued a bug report and are waiting for Bubble to fix the issue on their side, then you’ll be able to finally use the updated version with all fixes. :pray:

Hi @moniquegowie,

I’m reaching out to notify that we finally fixed our Lendy template. It was a long wait, so thanks a lot for your patience. :pray:

We encountered some serious bugs, and we had to remake almost 30% of it and all of them were fixed. So now you are able to create a brand new project based on this template, to work with updated version.

Thanks for your patience.