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Lendy Template: math.js References


Hi @levon,

I have now purchased the template and started to go through it. Please let me know if I should continue to post questions in this thread or start different threads for different questions.

In the meantime, let me get started:

For the math.js plugin, can you tell me where to find the mathematical formulas that it is evaluating? For example, in the image it references Math.js Monthly Payment’s Result, but it wasn’t clear where it’s getting that value from. In the “data view” it’s not obvious where any such value is stored, nor can I find the math expression that shows which variables it’s using as inputs.


As a related point, in the ‘borrow’ page, I noticed there are some ‘expression’ elements which DO show calculations. Can you tell me when ‘expression’ vs ‘math.js’ vs ‘math.js local’ elements were / should be used?

Update: Just a as a follow up question, I notice that in some places it looks like calculations are being done with JS, sometimes in ‘expression’ elements, and sometimes in Math.js – can you explain a bit better how why which calculations were done where?

Warm Regards,


Hi Brendon,

So for the first screenshot you posted, that is the test page which you are free to delete. So no need to bother about what’s happening there.

As for the borrow page, the expression elements are currently the only ones being used for the calculations as they’re named. The ones with the “60” suffix are for the loan with 60 months term. The calculations done in the expression elements can be seen in the conditional tab. This is done because if you try to run a calculation with a null value it throws an error which is not desirable. So conditionals check that the needed value is available first.

You are free to delete the Math.js elements. They were being used before Expression elements but suddenly stopped working at some point only to start working again. You can choose to leave them there just in case though.

As for the expression elements, the results are being used in the JavascriptToBubble APR events in the last row of the workflows.


Hi @mckorode,

This clarifies a lot, so thanks. I’ve deleted the Math.js elements from the ‘borrow’ pages just FYI (but - unless you tell me otherwise - kept the JavascripttoBubble APR element, which was grouped with one of the Math.js elements).

Regarding the “Expression Monthly Payment” element, just so I’m clear with how it/Bubble works, that expression automatically and immediately gets calculated one the “When” condition is met?

Warm Regards,


Looks like you deleted the second APR element by mistake but I’ve replaced it.

That’s correct.