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Lendy Template Overview

I read through all the other Lendy forum posts and going through all the elements, plugins, and workflows of the template. I need clarification on some initial questions:

API Connector - Dwolla: I tried to initialize the call and got the error message below. What should I enter in the content-type and other blank keys? (I read the documentation and tried the values given but no luck)

API Connector: Stripe Direct - when I try to initialize Charge Bank or Card I get an error that the Content-type is undefined. What should I enter here? (when I enter what I find in the documentation I get an invalid API error)

Is the template built to use both Stripe ACH and Dwolla ACH?

Do I need to have an Experian developers account of the way it is set to work when I publish the template?

What should I enter for the Experian content-type header?

What url should I change for the herokuapp render? I still keep getting a failed error to initialize?

Do I need both heroku render and selectPDF?

How is the APR calculated on the borrow page? Am I setting this manually or is this pulling from a source based on the borrower’s details?

On borrower page: ‘group not found’ is the credit check is run on TransUnion or Experian? I see Experian in the API Connector plug-in. Do I need to change the text or sign up for TransUnion developer account?

On borrow page: ‘group final step’ the back button workflow was blank. What is it supposed to do?

Account page: ‘group tab’ Make a payment button workflow is empty. Please advise what type of action this button is supposed to have?

On the borrow page in the ‘popup add card’ there is a missing element that came from a plugin that has since been removed. Do I need this plugin? If so, what type of plugin is it? Does this mean that the user will be able to make loan payments with their card? I would prefer that they use ACH.

Hi @AlexaAnne,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry for this troublem, our updated documentation for Lendy template hasn’t been published yet, as there are some minor fixes to be made. But we are going to push an update and I’ll notify you back on this one asap, in case it is not urgent for you of course.


@alexander Thanks for your reply. no immediate rush. I have other questions so maybe the update will answer that. I look forward to your update.

Hi @AlexaAnne,

We have already manage to push an update. Please follow this documentation here and make sure everything is configured properly, then give the template a try again. There is not need to configure anything else than instructions you can find in this doc.

The docs are up-to-date, but if you want I can also notify you when we publish a more stable version of the Lendy template with some other minor fixes as well, so you’ll be able to use the latest one with all fixes. But it would be required to start a brand new project in order to have the updates.


Hi @alexander Thank you for the update. When do you expect the more stable version will be released? I wouldn’t mind starting a refreshed project with a stable template. I haven’t officially launched yet, I am testing and understanding how it works to create a business plan.

Hi @AlexaAnne,

Thanks for feedback. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee estimates on this matter, but you can be sure that I’ll notify you as soon as possible.

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Hi @AlexaAnne ,

I’m reaching out to notify that we finally fixed our Lendy template. It was a long wait, so thanks a lot for your patience. :pray:

We encountered some serious bugs, and we had to remake almost 30% of it and all of them were fixed. So now you are able to create a brand new project based on this template, to work with updated version.

Thanks for your patience.