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Lendy Template: Walkthrough of Demo

Hi, I’m relatively new to both Bubble and Zeroqode, but am very intrigued. I came across the Lendy Template and started going through the demo, but ran into performance issues in a few places and had some questions about the completeness of the demo as it currently stands (for example, I couldn’t figure out how an admin reviewed and approved/denied paperwork that was uploaded by an applicant).

I have two questions:

  1. Can some from Zeroqode provide a little more detail on what level of support they provide on the templates? For example, it’d be helpful to have a walkthrough of the platform so I’m clear what functionality is supposed to be in the template vs just isn’t working vs would need to be custom built. What if a function that is supposed to be working isn’t for some reason?

  2. Is there someone who would be willing to walkthrough a screenshare demo with me so I have a good understanding on how complete the template is?

If the template looks complete and a reasonable level of support is provided in terms of getting the ‘basic’ template working the way its supposed to (i.e. not custom features but things that we all agree should be in a template like this [such as admin review / approval of paperwork], not only will our team move forward with purchase, but would also very likely be interested in paying for further custom development.

Warm Regards,

Hi Brendan,
thanks for your message.

  1. we are currently making some tutorials for this template, hopefully would be finished within a few weeks. We have created a video overview but also you can simply click on the live demo button and see how the template works from for all sides of the application (admin, investor etc.). If there is a bug in the template we’ll certainly fix it asap. however if you expect some feature to be in the template which is not there we won’t necessarily add it. We expect that most of the template buyers would need to customize the template anyways, so we usually build the most important functionality leaving the details to be worked out by the users.
  2. We don’t normally do that, but we are happy to answer your questions here on the forum. If you have specific questions, please shoot them here and we’ll try to provide as much details as possible.

For custom development - we offer customization services based on our templates and from scratch as well.

We’re usually working on projects in the range of 5-10k USD to make sure we can deliver something both, us and our customers can be proud of :slight_smile:

Read more about how this works: https://dev.zeroqode.com

Some work from our portfolio: https://dev.zeroqode.com/portfolio?ref=intercom

Our customers about working with us on https://dev.zeroqode.com/?scroll=reviews and https://www.trustpilot.com/review/zeroqode.com

To get you the effort estimates we need to have the requirements about the project shared first.

If all of that looks good - please Send us a Request and one of our managers will get back to you. https://dev.zeroqode.com/?scroll=getstarted

Thanks for your quick reply Levon; that’s helpful. I’m not sure if you want me to ask specific questions in this thread or in a separate one for each question (please let me know), but two example questions for now to help me get a sense of the ‘completeness’ of the template:

  1. In the demo I cannot find where in the admin side the admin is able to review the paperwork that a borrower uploads. Is that functionality currently built?

  2. I notice that the PDF generated for the borrower - which I assume is supposed represent a contract - doesn’t seem to currently have any dynamically-generated content in it. Is that functionality currently built and part of the template/demo?

Thanks for the information on the custom development - do you work on a fixed price basis, an hourly one, or either? If hourly, any more information you can provide about your hourly rates would be appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Hi @brendan.florez,

You can go ahead and ask your questions here. For what you’ve asked:

  1. The video overview of the admin would be available today. Admin actions are disabled in the current live demo but you would be able to review loan details and see borrower documents before listing loans for funding by investors.

  2. This functionality would be added soon. Will let you know once the template has been updated.

@levon would answer your other questions about custom development.

it’s mostly based on fixed prices.

Thanks @mckorode - where can I find this video?

Hi Brendan, we will be uploading a course on lab.zeroqode.com shortly

Thanks @levon; if possible, please let me know when it is available.

Warm Regards,

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Hi @levon and @mckorode, I just wanted to follow up on and find out when the admin video, updated template, and tutorial course will be available - I am interested in moving forward but there is some time sensitivity on my side - if all of the materials will be available by June 21st we will likely move forward with template purchase and a request for custom development; if not, we’ll probably have to go in another direction.

Warm Regards,

the updated template has been published. Part of the video is ready, just need to upload it, which will probably be done over weekend.

the tutorial is live! https://lab.zeroqode.com/course/lendy---p2p-lending-template-tutorial-1560757196925x285324786752028670

Hi @levon, thanks for this. I just took a look at the tutorial. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but this ‘tutorial’ just looks like a walkthrough of the existing template, with only the last ‘lesson’ actually covering customization, and then even that is only 14 mins long. As general feedback, I would expect that all of the ‘overview’ videos that just show the existing function of the template to be free, and any paid tutorial to really go into the nuts and bots of customization of all features (plaid, PDF generation, fields, responsiveness, a walkthrough of all tables, etc.) For example, as mentioned earlier in this thread, the reason I created this thread in the first places was that, in the demo, I couldn’t even see how the admin was supposed to review and approve/reject a borrower’s uploaded documentation…after all this, that’ still not clear to me.

I understand you are running a business and are working to generate revenue; as one entrepreneur to another, my recommendation would be to have free videos that fully demonstrate the existing functionality of a template before you ask people to pay for it… I’m sure many (including me) would have no problem paying good money for videos that go into detail on how to customize the template for their own needs and then - if that looks good - actually purchase the template. As it stands, however, I’d have to think hard about purchasing the template since I’d basically view it as a ‘gamble’, hoping that the template works the way I hope it does and that it’s not too difficult to customize. I assume that’s not the experience you want for your potential customers.


I hear you Brendan, we’ve just made all our template tutorials free on Zeroqode Lab.
As for producing more detailed tutorials on customization - that would take time. However when you have specific questions you are free to post them on the forum and we’ll address them.

Hi @levon,

OK, before we go into any detail, I just want to say that I am HIGHLY impressed that you made the decision to make all the template tutorials free – I don’t know whether or not this decision was made prior to my feedback or not, but it certainly came across that you guys were being very responsive to your potential customers’ needs and requests, to thank you for that. You guys are to be commended for making that change, and I hope everyone who reads through this thread understands (and is impressed by) this. Thank you.

Given that you seemed so open to feedback, allow me to give one more peice. The tutorials are definitely helpful to give a sense of the functionality that currently exists, so that you for that. On the ‘customization’ one, however, most of the video mainly is showing basic layout modifications. I realize you can’t give in-depth discussions on every possible aspect of customization, but I might suggest, that for the ‘customization’ video in any free tutorials, instead of showing how you customize one particular feature, it would be much more helpful just lay out the general architecture of the site - e.g. this is the list of layers, here’s what each one is; here’s the full set of databases/tables, here’s what each does generally; here’s the list of action items; here’s where it calls the API to Plaid, etc. Generally what I’m saying is just help orient someone to where they should look to find the different things they might be looking for.

OK, with those high-level comments out of the way, a couple more specific questions before we move forward:

  1. Can you confirm that buttons on the admin side (for example, the one where an admin can click to review then approve/deny a borrower’s uploaded paperwork) will work on the purcahsed template, even though those buttons don’t appear to work in the demo?

  2. Can you confirm that the Plaid API has already generally been installed/configured to work?

Regarding PDF generation:
3. Does the plugin/API to generate PDFs come with this template or does it need to be purcahsed / integrated separately?

  1. Can you confirm that this plugin/API allows for the generation and storage of customized PDFS (i.e. a PDF with specific fields that are generated and populated dynamically for a given borrower’s offer)?

  2. Does this same plugin allow allow digital signing (on both desktop and mobile) that conforms to E-SIGN legal requirements?


  1. Regarding payments, it appears that you are using Plaid for account verification. What service is currently being used to credit/debit borrowers accounts? Is that plugin/API already integrated and configured in the template? With borrower, many payment processors (such as Stripe) have rules prohibiting the use of the service for companies that they consider “high risk businesses”, of which they often consider lending one. Whatever service is being provided / integrated, have you done any work verifying that a lending business would be allowable using their service?

Warm Regards,

the decision was made after your feedback but we’ve been thinking about it. It’s along and costly process to produce these videos yet we felt that would be the right thing to do.

makes sense

it should, if not, we’ll fix


free plugin

not sure, but you can choose any other plugin if the existing one isn’t suitable

we haven’t done any legal verifications, that’s not our expertise and we leave that to our customers to take care

Thanks very much @levon - based upon this, I’m going to be purchasing the template and giving it a shot. I will reach out to you on this thread with questions.

Warm Regards,

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Thanks Brendan, hope you’ll enjoy using the template.

Hi @brendan.florez
Did you try the template already?
If you like our template you can rate it by going to Template tab in Bubble editor. Find the template by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :slight_smile: The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to make things better in Bubble.
Kind regards,