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Lendy Theme - Not Working

Hello, so I took your advice, reset the app which means I had to buy a new subscription and it’s still not working :frowning: I didn’t even touch this page. I’m getting super frustrated that I just spent money on items that are broke, and reset the app serval times wasting more money repaying for a subscription. I would love if someone could help as I feel this is a great theme, but am getting very frustrated.


Hello @archesnational

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the trouble but seems like a misunderstanding. The template workflow works as intended. I checked the demo: https://peer2peer.bubbleapps.io which you can test for yourself as well.

I would recommend you create a new app from template, check the documentation for an in-depth overview for better understanding - https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/lendy-p2p-lending-template
Also we provide free access to available courses for template tutorials - https://lab.zeroqode.com/course/lendy---p2p-lending-template-tutorial-1560757196925x285324786752028670
SingUp for free, no credit card required to get started!

If you have any other questions, let us know! Thanks.


Hello, thank you so much for your super fast response. I don’t think you’re understanding my ticket. I have created several new apps based on the same advise you or other team members keep giving me. In order for this page to work ,you have to have a paid plan for Bubble to run the API. So in essence I keep paying over and over again creating new apps and this page still does not work. I really need someone to genuinely help me instead of repeating the same information/advise. Can I provide someone my password? I am at a loss at the moment and feeling frustrated.

Hello, my apologies again. I also typed in random data for my social security and it did not take me to a page that gives the error “Not found: If their score is not found they are shown this failure message group.” according to your documentation, is there some-sort of API key I should be using to find users credit scores?

Hello, I tried it again with my actual information not random data and it only gave me the interest and not the other factors. Can someone assist, I will give my password to see?

Hello, @archesnational

This genuinely should not happen. I would recommend you get in touch with bubble in order to solve issue with payment - https://bubble.is/contact

You are right about it, the API workflows work on a paid Bubble plan which the Lendy template comes with.

No there is not API key in order to find user credit scores. The loan calculations do run in a API workflow event which provide results used in displaying the loan offers near instantly.

Also for record, with testing data the flow works: https://www.loom.com/share/3792939cfcd04f2bab9c1fa9580de414

For us be able to check the issue, please add [email protected] as collaborators to your app so we could test the issue.


Hello, you are now collaborators via email [email protected] Thank you for so much your help.

Hello @archesnational, could you please add [email protected] as collaborator as well so the team will look closely.


Hi @archesnational,

I have taken a look at your app and I believe the issue you’re having is caused by the absence of Stripe API keys in the Stripe.js plugin by Copilot. Note there are 4 places in this template where you need to input Stripe API keys:

  • Stripe plugin by Bubble
  • Stripe.js Plugin by Copilot
  • Stripe Direct API call in API Connector
  • Stripe Files API call in API Connector

Make sure you have the right keys inputed in these locations. And also, while you are still in development mode, use your Stripe test keys. Only switch to production keys when you are ready to go live.

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Hello, I have gone through and followed your instructions and the problem still persists.


Please tell me if anyone is available to help, I have also added [email protected] as a contributor. I followed all instructions and the app still does not work.

-Thank you

Hi @archesnational,

Checked again. You needed to add 'Bearer ’ before your secret key in the Stripe.js plugin. It appears their instructions on the plugin is for their latest version which is still in beta. Either way Stripe works now so everything should be fine.

Hello, I am seriously at a loss. I was so excited to test it but still they pull up blank. I even pushed it through to a latest live version. Am I missing something?? Please let me know, as I am so excited to get this wrapped up. :slight_smile:

Hi @archesnational,

Can you please try this again. I just tested it and it works fine.

My apologies for the delay, I was on a work trip. So I just tried and got this, is it my browser caching maybe? IDK what else to try to get it to work.

Hello @archesnational

Try loading in another browser, device, internet connection, clear cache/cookies for the app. We double checked couple of times and your app loads fine on our end.
Thanks for understanding.


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So I had many colleagues go through and do it on their computers in other states. Here are two of the results that came through. This was with no influence of mine all independent IP addresses and caching. I do not understand why it works for you and not for me or them. The only thing I can think of is they put nine "0"s for the socials, to keep the testing private. But I have tried with my normal social and it didn’t work. I have a presentation at a start-up an incubator with this on Wednesday, I am nervous it won’t be working :frowning:

Please see the screenshots they sent me. Maybe someone on your team is available to video skype so we can get this resolved? Thanks so much.

I still don’t know what is happening, after I had others look at it. I just reached out to bubble.is about the theme, maybe its a bug on their side?? Idk

Hey @archesnational, i cant understand which issue did you faced, cause everything alright on my end, i tested your app right now and it works fine look, I can suggest you to wait Bubble.io response, and also you can copy your application and test it, hope it will help you. To copy application you have to tap this button.

Thank you,