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Lifetime access template discount promise and purchase


I bought your lifetime access deal during Black Friday because besides giving full access to all courses, it stated you would get discounts on all template for standard license. I bought a template and there was no discount. Worst, after buying it I don’t see it in my bubble template directory. Please help.

Hello @seekpeace

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please provide the e-mail address that you have registered your account on Zeroqode Lab, so that we can check the subscription and understand what might have gone wrong with the coupon code?

As for the template access, you can the template is available for you under your Bubble account.

  1. Go to bubble.io/home
  2. Click on “New App”, type the name of your app, and choose the purchased template from the dropdown list.

Once you are in the app via Editor - you can customize the logo, language, and pretty much - anything you need within the app to make it work as you want it to.

If you still do not see the template, please provide screenshots of what you see when trying to use the template, also any receipts would be extremely helpful.

Happy Holidays :snowflake: