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Link. Linky Template - no option to upload users photos


I’m using the Linky template. In the live and preview views there is no option for the user to upload or edit profile picture or blurb.


Hello @mrpmallon

I believe there is the option in place to change profile picture for user, by logging in as the user.
Check out the video - https://www.loom.com/share/76ed060238e64229be3c04fcc8f965fd



I saw that in the demo however it is missing from the live template purchased.


can you share a link to your app and steps to reproduce the issue? or maybe you could also record a useloom.com video to demonstrate it?


Issue is now resolved after starting with a fresh template. I must have corrupted something when I first looking at it. Thanks for your help.


Thanks, glad it worked out well.

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Thanks! :pray: