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Linkedin Clone Template


Let’s discuss everything about Linkedin Clone Template here :slight_smile:


So this is definitely a template i’m interested in. Looks very basic and needs a lot of work i’m sure. But messing around with the preview a little, how much functionality does it really have? Can users create their own accounts? I tried putting a link in a post and it wouldn’t highlight and make it a link. Just text. Just curious about the limitations as I don’t have a ton of time for development right now.


Hey Jon,
you are right, the template is quite basic as we could go into a lot of details and variations if we went deeper. Users can create their own accounts of course (sign up button) as for the link - you are right, Bubble didn’t have that functionality when we built the template but now that is supported. We will make an update to the template shortly for the URL highlights. There are no limitations basically - template is just saving you time so you don’t have to build everything from scratch. Hope this helps


Cool! As soon as that update is done I’ll be on board. Keep me posted. :+1:t2:


Hey Jon, we have implemented this feature, please check that out. Thanks!


Hello! is it possible for users to posts videos in Linky?


Hello @g.asparriayara,

Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to post videos, the template is designed to show in posts only text and images. At the same time, our templates are fully customizable and this feature can be added to it.

Best Regards,