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LinkPreview Not Working for Youtube

LinkPreview plugin is working for other links but not for Youtube video links. I get the actual link as the title and an error in the description.

it seems to be working in our demo page, can you give us more details so we can debug? What kind of youtube links are you feeding to the plugin ?
Please also share some screenshots etc.

Looking for something like this plugin : https://bubble.io/plugin/link-info-and-preview-1548104307024x136756028470198270 but i need to make sure :

1- can i add unlimited links and get the result of the links " Link preview " without any restriction or limited numbers ? for example there are a lot of similar plugins available but with limited numbers of the links preview and offering pricing model !

2- Client side or server side plugin ? i mean In the backend is it possible to use this plugin multiple time from different users at the same time without without any issues ?


Hi @ciscotreasure, thanks for reaching out.

Allow me to reply to your questions accordingly:

Q1. Can I add unlimited links and get the result of the links " Link preview " without any restriction or limited numbers?
R1. Sure thing you can. The plugin uses two methods to retrieve the link information. Either using the plugin’s visual element on-page or as an API request to retrieve the data.
For the API request, there is no limit in place for the foreseeable future as far as we know.

Q2. Client-side or server-side plugin?
R1. Plugin mostly uses the user side capacities, so there should be no issues for users that will use it from your app.

Hope it helps.


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Thank you , I’ve purchased the plugin and it works great ,but sometimes when i add links it give me this popup error , please check the screenshot
link preview error

Link sample I’ve added : https://bit.ly/3bCYlLK


Hello, @ciscotreasure. Thanks for your request.

Let us please investigate your request with our dev team. I hope we can find a useful solution in this case. The investigation might take some time so please be patient :pray:

Thank you for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you for the support , Looking forward for the update

Dear @ciscotreasure, thanks for your patience.

We’ve made an investigation with our developer team and found that unfortunately this issue can not be fixed from our side. It relates to the libraries that are used by the plugin. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Even if we test the Fiverr-related link directly on the library page, the issue still exists. Link to the library: https://link-prevue.herokuapp.com/

In order to find a possible solution, allow me to recommend you to address the support service of the library provider (https://www.heroku.com/), namely https://help.heroku.com/, maybe they can help to solve it.

Hope it helps.