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Linky: Availability of Monetization & Advertisement Options

I am greatly interested in buying this plugin. I have two queries:

  1. From a business model viewpoint, does this application provide features to support monetization like linkedin?

  2. Does this application allows users to run Ads for their services/products like we do in Facebook/Linkedin?

  3. Are there any other features supporting business model? After all, the ultimate objective of any social network is to earn money. How the owner of a social network, using this application, will earn?


Hello, @farrukhjaleel
Thanks for your questions.

Please find our responses below:

By default, this template doesn’t provide any features to monetize your application. However, you can integrate the payment system into the app (solid Bubble skills are required).

Please find the documentation on how to set Stripe Payments in Bubble App.

Unfortunately, this function is not designed into our template initially.

So, as an example, you can charge your users for signing up to your social network. In order to determine the financial possibilities for this template, let me advise you to test the template functionality/design by visiting its Live Demo page: https://linkedinclone.bubbleapps.io/feed

Also, make sure that you have checked the template documentation to investigate the structure and main features of the current template set up: https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/linky-social-network-like-linkedin-template

Hope my answers will help you.