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Linky Home Page customization - Are public views and list of users view possible?

Hi. I’m evaluating Linky for a project and have a few questions before I consider it.

  1. Can the home page be customized to show latest posts or a directory of users?
  2. Can the home page show a public view without requiring users to sign in?
  3. Is there a view that shows all users on the site?

Thanks for any help! I wasn’t able to tell from the demo video or landing page if these features are supported.

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Hello, @michael1. Thanks for reaching out.

  1. The Home/Feed page is already adjusted to display the list of latest posts of the current user, or posts of users, who are in current user’s contacts.
    If you would like to display the list of current user contacts on the Home/Feed page - it is possible also (the same way as the “Group Content - Right” is set https://prnt.sc/spazmy). But still, the current user can see the directory of his contacts via the “connections” option, placed on the left side of the page (Group User info): https://prnt.sc/spaya4

  2. The current Linky setup does not allow view the user’s Home/Feed page without being logged in. But this feature can be customized.

  3. There is an Admin page, where you can find list of all users, user statistics, feed, comments, etc: https://prnt.sc/sphetf

All our templates are fully customizable. If you need to add some new functionality - it is possible, if you have enough Bubble skills. Let me please warn you that the template customization requires solid Bubble skills.

If there is not enough info you get from the template demo page, you can always check the template documentation. This should help you to investigate the template setup and the list of functionalities.

Please let me know if you need more info.

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Thank you! That gives me enough information for now. Will give it a try.

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