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Liquid gauge issues


I am trying to have the liquid gauge rise when I move the slide but the liquid gauge is not visible. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong

This is what shows on my page


please use this demo page as an example how to setup the plugin




I (and at least one other person) have set it up correctly. The inspector shows there is something wrong with the visibility.




did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin? sometimes that helps


Tried it twice and still the same result


we’ll check it out, thanks


guys, can someone of you give access to your app so we check please? [email protected]


sending now…thanks.


we are on it


hi @robert & @we.edukit
sorry for the delay
we have fixed the issue, please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version, refresh the page and retry


@levon Thanks looks good.

One question: What is the exact ratio needed for the element so the circle is a perfect circle. It’s not a 1:1 ratio.


maybe you should set the maximum width to 100% in the responsive settings of the element?


My mistake. It looks fine at 1:1 in the preview. It was just the editor where it looks wonky. Thanks again.