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⏳ Loading Spinner 2.0 - Major Update to the Best Selling plugin from Zeroqode

We have upgraded this plugin and added many new cool spinners to help you create smooth and great looking UX!

Loading Spinner 2.0

Live demo: https://plugindemo.bubbleapps.io/loading_spinner

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page at Advanced Loading Spinner Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

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Hello @zeroqode

I have two questions to ask before purchasing this plugin.

1 - Can you apply the loading icon to a group or floating group for only when that content is loading (Not the whole page)?
2 - Does this plugin prevent showing ANY content in the selected element before all of the content it loaded?

I want to apply the loading plugin to a floating group so after the floating group animates in, the loading icon shows over a blank white background only over the floating group until all of the floating group’s content is loaded.

Thank you in advance for the help!

Hi @hellobreakr,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, none of the above is handled by our plugin per se. The Loading Spinner plugin is simply adding the animations and spinner options that you can choose in your editor.

But for showing and preventing content from load is actually handled at your Bubble level itself, meaning implementing conditionals and workflows of your choice.

So you can set conditions to show/hide the spinner “only when…”, for instance.

Please check demo and its editor to see how plugin works to see whether it satisfies your needs, before purchase.

Hope it helps.


Hi @alexandru, @zeroqode

I have what may be a similar question, though the demo/reality difference appears larger. In the Loading Spinner Bubble editor (both on the demo page and the plugin I purchased), there are 18 animated icon options. However, I can only seem to make eight of them function.

I’m probably missing something obvious, since this is a much larger discrepancy than the dynamic color issue.

How do I make the last 10 options on the list work?

Screenshot with all spinners on one page:
loading spinners

Menu items, spinners-working:

Menu items, spinners-not-working:



Hi, there!
Thanks for reaching out!

I have tested the plugin and managed to preview more than 8 spinners.

So, please place on a page more than 8 spinners and choose for each different effect and give it another try. If this won’t help, please describe a bit detailed what steps you have done to help you better.

Best, Julia.

Hi zeroqode team , i am using “Giphy plugin” to display Giphy images inside repeating group " please check the screenshot "

it works fine but the images takes time to display and snot all images display at the same time . my question is :

  • Can this loading spinner help me to show all the images , also how i can know what is the perfect time to show all the images ?

Thanks in advance

Hello @ciscotreasure, thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, the plugin element will not show up inside the Repeating Group. I would recommend you to look for another solution to show the images at once.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

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I am a newbie. I bought your PDF converter and advance spinner. In the pdf demo you code show loader popup then PDF generator. How do you get the popup to close.
In my app I had to add a pause and a hide pop up but I have to guess how long the pdf takes.
How can I get the popup to close after the pdf is generated? like in your pdf demo app
Thank you

Hello @xtophermccall,
Thanks for reaching out.

You can use the “When ConvertToPDF A converting is finished” event for this. Here is an example from our demo editor page:

Hope it helps!


Thank you so much, this helps us newbees. LOL I did find this about an hour after I left this request :slight_smile:

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Great! @xtophermccall,

Feel free to reach us again when you have some questions. We will be glad to assist. :pray: