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Maciframe isn't working


I just purchased your maciframe plugin and want it to show an internal webpage, but I am receiving notice that it cannot connect. What am I doing wrong?

iframe url: https://www.weldlogs.com/version-test/bdk_weldlog_discontinuiti



Hello @gnelson,

Could you please share a PrintScreen of the console from the browser? It will help to understand the cause of the issue. We checked the plugin and the url provided by you is processed correctly.


I got it to work. Thanks.

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The Mac iFrame is not working for me either. I tried both dynamic and static URLs, the iFrame just loads my own bubble page…

What am I missing?

Another issue: The iFrame does not scroll with my page (which has a number of groups), the iFrame stays in one location and overlaps many page elements.

Hello @41mckinley,

In case the iFrame loads your page that means it does work. Please check what URL you set in the plugin’ element maybe you have used there the URL of your bubble app.

Regarding the problem with the location of the element, our developers will fix that issue. I will let you know when the updated version of the plugin will be published.

Best Regards,


The updated version of the plugin with bug fixes was published. Please update in your app the plugin to the latest version to have the issue fixed.

Best Regards,

Still not working for me. I upgraded the plugin, removed it from my page and re-added it. The plug-in still is locked on the page and doesn’t scroll properly.

In addition, it is not using the URL I supply:
If I supply “http://www.google.com”, I get a blank page.
If I use “www.google.com”, I get my own bubble page.
My URL is stored in my bubble database without “http://” (it is stored as “www.mysite.com/34343” I can’t find any way to append or concatenate “http://” with my URL.

So…this plugin is not working at all for me.

Hello @41mckinley,

Please try to clear your browser cache, also please check once again if the plugin has the latest version, just in case it wasn’t changed.

You, get the blank page because google limits the possibility to access their site through iframe. It’s a limitation on their side.

If the URL does not have http:// in front the plugin will use the address of the page on which the element is placed on and will add to it what has been written in the URL field. So the URL that the element will try to open will be http://yourapp.com/www.google.com
The idea is to have always the URL with http://

For concatenation, you can use the following structure. In the field URL of the plugin add http:// and then dynamic value where your URL is saved. It should look like this:

I hope that will help. In case the issue with scrolling will continue please let me know.

Best Regards,