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Major Bug (with video): Reverse Plugin loading of new entries triggered on WRONG side of the list

Bought the Reverse Plugin specifically for a chat application.

It works in so far as it changes the direction of the chat…

…but as the chats load it skips away from the “last chat”.

Some investigation revealed that when the list is at the “top”… ie you can see the last message at the bottom of the screen…

…Bubble thinks it is at the bottom of the list as far as telling the repeating group to keep loading elements.

Completely ruins the experience.

I am ultimately looking to recreate Messenger or WhatsApp with how the messages start on the bottom and load as you scroll UP, not down.

I played with all 4 possibilities:

Created date decending
–Top to bottom
–Bottom to top

Created date accending
–Top to bottom
–Bottom to top

None of them work.



Hi @brian3, sorry for the delayed reply (due to the weekend).
Allow us to check the provided information internally for any possible issue and come back with feedback asap.

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks @serg I look forward to hearing back from you.


How we doing @serg ?

Hi @brian3, thanks for your patience.

I’ve checked the reported issue with the developer team, and would like to share the following:

Your issue is caused by few factors, like:
When Bubble sees that the user arrived at the last item in the list, he tries to load more elements in Repeat Group, and due to the fact that our plugin is making a reverse to the repeat group, the last element comes to the top of the repeating group.

Bubble tries to load new elements, the browser detects that and shows the load animation as per your particular browser/device characteristics (as it shows in your video at the end).

Considering that these effects are not related to the plugin functionality, I’m afraid we can’t influence this effect anyhow. Sorry about that.

In case your page is developed for mobile devices, allow me to recommend testing it additionally from some mobile devices, to see if the reported issue is repeating there too.

Kindly let me know if I can help with anything else, related to our plugin.

This is going to sound a bit harsh over text but directness seems to be important right now.

Correct me if I am wrong but what does this plugin do different from “Sort Descending Yes” then?

When I read the title of the plugin being “Reverse Repeating Group Plugin for Chat” sounds like it is supposed to literally replicate common messaging platform functionality.

That involves solving this precise problem.

Other than that I can solve the problem with native features.

What am I missing?

And if nothing, can I get a refund on the plugin?

Hi @brian3, sorry for

Can you please try to set your repeating’s group Layout style to “Vertical scrolling” or “Full list” instead of the “Ext. vertical scrolling” and tell me if it has changed anything on your side?

Please tell me the results once you try it. :pray:

Thanks for getting back to me

I am still having some trouble with it but there is some promise.

Let me fiddle with it and see if it is on my end.


Hi @brian3, thanks for your reply.
Let me know if I can help with anything else about the plugin :wink:

Have a nice week ahead!