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Make a call API while a user is typing

good morning to all guys. I would like to make sure that while a user is typing from the third letter onwards an api call is made to one of my external db. Is this possible in bubble?

Hi, @edmondum!

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m afraid this is not possible with bubble, unfortunately. Only using the JS.

Best, Julia

what I would like to create is: a dropdown menu, as I type, from the third character onwards, I get a list of values ​​to choose from (as suggestions) from an external api that contain those certain characters. And once you select an item from that list, it populates my text area. Can you confirm that this is not feasible? Because in reality I already do a similar thing by interfacing with the internal db of bubble, but I have not yet tested with an external api.
if I intervened in the workflow to populate the possible choice data when the input value changes, wouldn’t it work?

Hi, @edmondum!

I’m afraid I cannot give a comprehensive answer to this matter because it is more related to bubble functionality itself rather than to our products. But, on first sight, it might be possible if the API response would be fast enough. Anyway, would be better to post a request on bubble forum where you can get more help from the community: https://forum.bubble.io/.

Best, Julia.

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