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Making changes to a current user before they've signed up

Hello, I’m building a referral landing page for a product I’m helping with and I’m watching the referral landing page video provided by zeroqode. The fourth video in the course is explaining how to have a unique code in the url and how to save that unique code on the current user before they’ve technically signed up. Every-time I test this tho the referred by data field I’m using to track who’s link the current user used to sign up with is saving as the users own referred by link code and I’m not really sure why.

TL:DR - the picture below shows my data table, the more recent sign ups (top) should have the row below them’s “code” as their “referred by”, but it keeps on saving the code and referred by as the same number for the same user. Any help is appreciated but not expected.

Hi @michael.david.marsac, thanks for your message.

An option that I might recommend is to create a new page, where following the mentioned video, to replicate the step-by-step indicated workflows. It will allow identify the setup change or interference that is giving you now an unexpected result.

Hope the provided hint will help. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with about our products.


Hey @Serg I’m not really sure what you mean by this. Do you mean follow the steps exactly on a separate page? If so this is not needed as I’ve copied the steps exactly on my current page. I’d also like my initial question answered if possible please. Can you make a change to a user that isn’t signed up yet?

For anybody having issues with this video they’ve provided, I’m 95% certain that you can’t add information to a user that hasn’t signed up yet. In order to keep the flow of their app setup the same you need to create a hidden group that will hold data type text and send the url page parameters there. From their you can make conditionals based on this group and save the referal code of the previous person without the flow being disturbed. Feel free to message me if this isn’t clear

@michael.david.marsac, sorry for the possible misunderstanding from my side.

I’ll check the case once again considering your question and will get back to you soon.

Thank you for understanding.


Hi @michael.david.marsac, thanks for your patience.

Once the page is accessed by an unlogged user, he still has the status of the current user on the page, so the workflows from 7.04 relate to this case. It combines with the other workflows available on the page, which already signs the user up and finishes the cycle.


In case any support is still required, please let me know and share more details on your question, so it would be easier to help you.