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Manually triggering "payout" on Stripe marketplace plugin?

Hi there, I have successfully setup everything to run a marketplace but there is this final step that I still can’t figure out.

Can Stripe Marketeplace Express plugin allow a platform(our marketplace) to trigger payout manually? When I mean “payout” here is the final action for the merchants to pull the fund from their custom/express account to their registered bank(external_account, bank account ID) and not “transfer” from my platform to merchants connected accounts.

In order for the stripe to process payout method, you need the merchants account_id and also external_account_id but this external_account_id can’t be found anywhere.

Am I missing something? or marketplace plugin is not opted for the manual payout?

Hi @junhoshino, thanks for your message.

Currently, our plugin doesn’t support such a feature. Sorry about that.
I’ve added it to the plugin roadmap of possible improvements, so the developer team will check how feasible would be to add it in future updates. If there will be any news in this regard, I will let you know.

Drop me a message if there are any other questions that I can help with about our plugin.


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Okay, thank you very much for the reply.
I think people who are making a marketplace platform like me “Increment onboarding” is a must procedure for the customers as most of them don’t want to fully register their identifications and bank information unless they know for sure the platform is beneficial for them, so we definitely need this feature. It’s not an easy thing to probably add to the plugin but I’m sure this feature will be beneficial for both your team and us greatly as well. But for now I’m just looking forward to hear a good news from you guys soon. Cheers.