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Map Plugin Hide Controls


Hello, zeroqode community. I have purchased the map plugin and to be honest, everything is working fine. But I have purchased the plugin because I thought it was possible to hide controls on the map (I got rejected my app because using control-maps in webview) so I need to make it feel native as possible.

It should be very easy to hide controls just a true/false opt-in dropdown in the plugin instead of true by default.


Please, I know this is not an urgent update as I have readen in bubble forum another user asked for, but please add this feature so I can publish my app!!! I depend 100% on this. It will be worth to add this feature many people will use it!!

:pray::pray::pray: @levon


Hello there, @c6648481 !

Thanks for feedback, we’ll definitely consider this however as you already know this is not a priority at the moment.
Thanks for understanding.



Any ETA for this feature? As said my app is based on this feature if this is not considered “priority” I’ll be moving to another plugin.

I don’t understand why something that simply can’t be added. It should take no more than 5 minutes. You can add it even as a beta update so not all users will be moving to this update, but you allow other users that need this feature to use it. I’m not asking for a complete re-build, I’m not asking for custom integration, I’m not even asking to add a custom feature.

I’m just asking to change in the plugin code
disableDefaultUI: false
disableDefaultUI: properties.fieldui

it won’t take more than 5 minutes.


No updates at all, thanks for ignoring the message. Not being able to make an effort to do less 5 minutes-work changing one simple false into a plugin property. Very disappointed.
Now I know where to buy and where not.


Hello, @c6648481

I understand that not seeing a response may look like ignoring the message or the request, it is not like that. I hoped that’s understandable, however as I said we were not prioritizing this feature.
I’ll check with the team, in order to get it working on the feature asap.



Hello @c6648481

Thanks for patience and understanding. We pushed the update to live, with the changelog:

  • Minor improvement (Was added toggle to disable/enable on screen UI)
    Please update to latest version, refresh the app and give it a try.