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MapBox: Missing Icon Anchor for "Add List of Markers" action

Hi everyone,

I use the MapBox plugin to place a handful of markers after loading the page (based on addresses in the bubble database). For this I use my own marker icon as a PNG.

In contrast to the “Add (single) Marker” action, I cannot set an icon anchor here. My custom icons are always fixed centrally, but I want the anchor to be at the bottom.

Am I missing something here?

Best regards,

Hi @robkre1, thanks for reaching out. Sorry for the late reply.

Please let me explain my view from what I see on the screens above. There might be some required fields that are missing in your elements.

To solve your use case, please check our Demo Editor and see the workflow for your action, also I will attach some pictures, hope this will help you.

I hope the above is useful to you, feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

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Hi @Igor ,

thanks for the feedback and sorry if my request was a bit confusing (English is not my first language).

What I was trying to say: I think in the “Add List of Markers” action the feature to change the Icon Anchor is missing.

I checked the corresponding workflow in the Demo Editor and found that icons are always anchored centrally there too.

I was confused because the Icon Anchor setting is present in the “Add (single) Marker” action. Maybe the developers forgot to implement the setting in the “Add List of Markers” version?

Would it be possible to add it in the next MapBox plugin update?

Best regards,

Hi again @robkre1, thank you for your message.
I will try to be more explicit about your question, this plugin at the moment has the following features.

You can set an icon Anchor only in ADD MARKER: Screenshot by Lightshot .

On the other hand, you can add different icons into the markers in the action ADD LIST OF MARKERS: Screenshot by Lightshot | Screenshot by Lightshot

Changing the icon position, like in the first point, is not possible with the ADD LIST OF MARKERS, this is a default setting of Mapbox when using ADD LIST OF MARKERS, and unfortunately is not possible to add this feature.

I hope the above is useful to you. :pray: