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MapBox Plugin: 2 missing features and cant control map element in repeating group


We really miss 2 features. Namely…

A: To be able to control Zoom / pan speed when starting Location Tracking.
We can do a workaround adding a Zoom to, then start tracking, but it feels clunky and not well for the user experience having a double effect.

B: To be able to control Zoom / pan speed when adding directions to the map element.
We would like directions on the map, but without the pan / zoom effect. We can do a workaround adding a Zoom to after the action, but it feels clunky and not well for the user experience having a double effect.

C: To be able to control the map element in repeating groups
Several actions wont work when the MapBox element is in a repeating group. How can we make zooming ect. work? - We are only displaying the map in on RG cell, so there are only one element visible.

Hi @siticum,

Thanks for your message, glad to see you back. :hugs:

Regarding your request to introduce speed pan settings for the “Start location tracking” and “Set direction” functionalities, we’ve explored the possibilities within the Mapbox Maps library. It appears that directly changing the speed in these actions is not possible. However, there are settings available for controlling the zoom animation, where you can adjust the duration of the animation. We’re curious to know if this adjustment would meet your needs. You can find more detailed information on this here.

Regarding your query about using the Mapbox element within an RG, could you please provide more detailed information on how you configured the RG and the map? Additionally, it would be helpful to know about the workflow and the actions you’ve attempted but encountered issues with. Also, please ensure that the button triggering these actions is located within the RG itself.

Thanks once again for your engagement. I’m eagerly awaiting your response. :pray:

Best regards,

Hi @Stephan

That’s good to hear. Regarding the 2 actions, then I suppose it would. Setting the animation speed to eg. “0 ms” then adding a Zoom to action would in worst case leave a short flicker but not give the impression of 2 separate animations any more. Please implement if possible :slight_smile:

In terms of using mapbox in an RG, then the issue is that I need external triggers, eg. a condition and in other workflows controlling the map.

An example of a specific case: When another RG’s current cell is in view, the map zoom should change to a new location on a map screen (the RG containing the map).

See the app and actions in TestFlight here: Join the Roamio: Audio Stories Anywhere beta - TestFlight - Apple

Hello @siticum,

Thank you for your message and the explanation.

I’ve passed the request regarding the animation actions to our development team for further analysis and possible implementation. Rest assured, I will keep you updated on any progress.

Regarding the use of Mapbox within an RG (Repeating Group), and the need for external triggers for different conditions and workflows, I’ve reviewed the information you provided. However, to fully understand and address any issues, could you please clarify a few points? Specifically, if the Mapbox element is indeed positioned within an RG as I also observed on an older link, that seems to not be situated in an RG. Also could you please share more details about the specific problem you’re encountering with Mapbox integration.

This will help us to better diagnose the any problem and provide a more better answer.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Hello @siticum,

Hope this message finds you well.

Following up on our previous discussions, I’ve received additional input from our development team regarding the enhancements we talked about.

The potential approach to achieve a smoother user experience is to initially use the ‘Start Location Tracking’ action with a minimum zoom value, then add a pause, followed by the ‘Fly To’ action. This method could serve to closely mimic the desired effect by controlling the zoom speed during the transition. I’ve set up a workflow demonstrating this technique for better clarity here.

The ‘Fly To’ action specifically allows for adjustment of the zoom speed, which could address your concerns about the user experience feeling clunky with the double effect of zooming and then tracking.

Could you please look into this workaround and share your thoughts and feeback with us.

Thank you once again and we’re looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

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Hi @Stephan

Regarding the start location tracking issue. Your suggested mix of minimum zoom and a fly to actions works well. There is no visible transition between the two. Thanks.

However it looks like the map stops panning to new user locations when using the Zoom to AFTER the Start location tracking action. Any advice on this?

We have moved the MapBox element out of the Repeating Group for now, while further developing the app. It will need to be moved back once we can use the actions outside the RG.

Some of the actions not working from outside the RG is the Fly to, add directions and Start location tracking actions.

The MapBox element to control can’t be selected on the action itself once its inside the RG.

Could it be solved by letting the user select the MapBox element inside RGs, but only be able control the first instance of the element?

Hello @siticum ,

Thank you for the message.

I’m pleased to learn that the advice I offered previously was beneficial to you. Concerning your feedback:

Could you kindly provide additional details on the issue you’re experiencing? Sharing screenshots or a video would greatly aid in our understanding.

As for implementing the element within the Repeating Group (RG), if the element is positioned inside the RG, then the buttons designed to initiate the workflow for this element must also be located within the same RG cell. This is a standard operational aspect of Bubble, and it applies to all plugins and elements alike.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I eagerly await your response. :pray:

Best regards,