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MapBox Plugin: Add sticky icon / image to map


I would like to add a radius marker to my map. To elaborate… a simple PNG / GIF image that resizes with the map zoom level while being fixed at either MAP CENTER or CURRENT LOCATION (tracking).

By resizing I mean, keeping the same proportions, but scaling 1:1 with the map.

Any chance you can add this to the plugin?

Hi @siticum,

We appreciate your suggestion. Our development team will assess its feasibility for potential inclusion in upcoming updates. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed on any developments regarding this feature.

Have a good day :hugs:

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Cool. Its basically that same as you “Add video overlay” just without specific points and using a image / animated gif.

hello @siticum,

Thanks for the additional information.

The developers are still looking into your request. As soon as there is any updates regarding it, we will contact you.

Have an amazing day :hugs:

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