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MapBox Plugin: Auto marker clustering


I am adding markers to my apps map on the fly. And a lot of them.

I see that competing plugins have a “auto cluster” function for markers - That is different from just “add cluster to map” in the way, that they summarize the number of nearby markers.

Any chance you can add this to the plugin for single markers? Eg. as an tick box.

Hello @siticum

We truly appreciate your suggestion.
Our development team will evaluate the feasibility of incorporating this feature in upcoming updates. Rest assured, once we have any advancements on your request, we’ll promptly update you.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

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Hello @siticum,

We appreciate your patience while we were working on your suggestion. After discussions with our developers, here’s the solution we’ve implemented:

Unfortunately, enabling an option to toggle on auto-clusters for markers wouldn’t work efficiently. Instead, we’ve added fields in the “Create Cluster” action, allowing users to add markers from their database and have them appear in clusters on the MapBox Map.

To take advantage of this new improvement, please ensure you’ve updated the plugin to version 1.96.0 or a higher version. You can do this by visiting the “Plugins” tab in your Bubble app’s editor.

Wishing you an amazing day :hugs:

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Good to see you are digging into the feature requests and adding them. Testing it out!

Much appreciated!