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MapBox Plugin: Bearing not working with native apps wrapped with BDK


So location bearing is not working within native apps wrapped with the BDK. This is an issue.

Any chance you can fix this?

Hello @siticum,

We’d like to clarify that while our plugins are designed to work seamlessly within Bubble web apps, their functionality can’t be guaranteed when the Bubble application is converted using a third-party wrapper service.

Thank you for your understanding

Wishing you an amazing day :hugs:

Thanks for you reply. I do understand, but imagine adding this to your map box plugin or compass plugin. You will be the first with a working Bearing for the 1000+ BDK native apps. Just saying :slight_smile:

Hello @siticum,

We appreciate your suggestion.

However, it’s important to note that our plugins are primarily designed to function seamlessly on the web. Each wrapping service possesses its own unique characteristics and libraries that could potentially conflict with the operation of our plugins. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of our plugins with applications wrapped by third-party services.

Wishing you a wonderful day! :blush:

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