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MapBox plugin: heading and heading supported


I am having an issue with mapbox and heading. Sometimes i works. I can get it to work by requesting motion access using the Compass plugin, but the request action is missing in MapBox.

Adding 2 request actions disables it.

So, any chance you can add a request motion access to MapBox? And one that will work even if have have it on 2 different elements?


Okay. So putting Stop and Starting tracking actions on a buttons triggers the Allow popup. But the map starts panning and zooming which breaks its current position.

Being able to control when this happens and where in the app with a dedicated action would be great :slight_smile:

Hello @siticum,

Thanks for your message.

From what I understand, the heading is not shown in Mapbox. Is that correct? If so, could you please confirm if you have set the “Show user heading” in the Start Location Tracking settings[image]? If it is still not showing the heading, could you let us know which device and version you are using for the plugin? Additionally, please share a screencast demonstrating the workflow and the problem you are encountering.

Regarding the compass plugin, are you referring to the Device Compass plugin? If so, could you also explain how you are using it and for what specific purpose?

These details will help us better understand your use case and provide a more accurate solution.

Best regards,