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MapBox plugin only works when Debugger is on in Bubble.io

Hi All, I am trying to use the MapBox plugin in my Bubble app and everything works fine when I turn on the Debugger, but not real time. Specifically when I click on a marker and try to Get Directions when clicking a marker via a workflow. Here is the config for the workflow:

If anyone could help provide some insight it would be greatly appreciated

hello @jjost888

I would recommend you send a bug_report to bubble: https://bubble.io/bug_report
So they could check the app. The plugin should work fine in both modes.
hope this helps.


Thanks Dumitru, there was an issue with my Google API settings. Now though, the first time I try the “Get Directions” action i.e. when clicking a marker, it fails. The second time, it works no problem.

Another note, if I add a button to get directions it works fine the first time, this only seems to happen when clicking a marker.