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MapBox plugin: Phone Pitch

I would like to synch phone pitch with the MapBox pitch for an amazing user experience.

Any chance you can add the phone pitch as a variable to the mapbox plugin?

pitch | Apple Developer Documentation

Usecase example: iCloud Photos - Apple iCloud

Hello @siticum,

Thank you for reaching out with the questions.

To streamline our communication, please let’s consolidate our conversation into a single thread, since all your queries pertain to the Mapbox Maps plugin. For now, I will respond to each thread individually, but moving forward, please reply in just one thread of your choosing. Thank you for your cooperation. :pray:

Regarding the pitch feature, it is available in the “fly to” action, where you can adjust the pitch level[image]. Additionally, the state “Pitch” allows you to monitor your current pitch level[image]. Could you please provide more details on how you intend to use the pitch? This will enable us to offer more specific assistance.

Thanks again, and I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

Hi @Stephan

In terms of keeping it in one thread, then yes. Will do. Thought it would be easier separating the topics. Makes sense.

The pitch I am looking for, is not the map pitch, but the pitch of the physical phone. How its tilted / levelled.

Having access to this, would enable me to tilt the map accordingly, giving the user the ability to control how “far they see into the horizon” on the map. Its not crucial for us, but a nice added UX goodie.

Cheers and thanks!

Hello @siticum,

Thank you for your message and the details provided.

Regarding your request about the phone tilt feature, could you please confim if you are talking about this feature which is present on the Google Maps[link]? I have forwarded it to our development team. They will check if it’s possible to add this improvement to the plugin, considering it uses the Mapbox Maps library. I will keep you informed of any news.

Let’s continue our discussion in the other thread for better organization and efficiency.

Thanks again, and have a great day ahead.

Best regards,