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Mapbox struggling to add polygons

Hello! First, I was very excited to find Mapbox’s Maps plugin.

I am trying to add polygons that represent counties in the state of Idaho. I have the geoJSON and was able to successfully add the counties to a map using the Google Maps Extended plugin. However, I am also planning on adding heatmaps later and the Google Maps Extended plugin doesn’t support heatmaps – but Mapbox does.

I am so far unable to figure out how to add my counties using MapBox. I wish it had an add geoJSON option (really slick in Google Maps Extended).

It appears to add a polygon in MapBox you need the coordinates in a string?

When I replace the default coordinates with the coordinates parsed from my geoJSON I get no output in my bubble app or the zeroqode demo bubble app.

I expect to see a polygon drawn over a county in Idaho but nothing appears.

Is something wrong with my coordinates? Why do they work for Google Maps Extended plugin but not Mapbox’s plugin?

I am also seeing this error:

Here are my coordinates: 48.874926,-117.032107,48.999188,-117.032351,48.999791,-116.757185,48.999943,-116.757234,49.000099,-116.417503,49.000518,-116.376039,49.001146,-116.369128,49.000846,-116.049086,48.5153339981809,-116.049048640638,48.502062000798794,-116.04904761937901,48.500472,-116.784878,48.674197,-116.78484,48.674195,-116.786625,48.686544,-116.785542,48.847402,-116.785174,48.84666529306679,-117.03238462208,48.874926,-117.032107

Really appreciate your help!

Hi @jordon, thanks for reaching out.
Allow us to check the provided information and come with a feedback asap.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi @jordon, thanks for your patience.
We’ve checked provided coordinates and seems that it had inverted values (latitude instead of longitude).

This is why the polygon has not been drawn correctly.

Please be sure to check the coordinates for a proper drawing.


Please let me know if any other plugin-related help is required.