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MapBox Won't Show & Custom States Question

Hi there,

Today I bought the MapBox plugin and I want to show an address search on the map. The steps I took are as follows:

  1. Draw a MapBox map in the designer
  2. Add an input field and a button in the designer
  3. Go to the workflow and create the workflow as in the screenshot below

The problem is that my map won’t show: http://mappert.bubbleapps.io/version-test/index?debug_mode=true

Could you also give a little bit more information on how I should create the custom states for longitude and latitude. That might be the problem.

With warm regards,

I want to add that the map doesn’t appear to show in the designer, even after filling in the API key from my MapBox account (I gave all permissions with a new secret key):

And another screenshot with the settings in the plugin screen:

After first look I can say, that most probably you mixed up your keys:
Please make sure, that you use a public access token (pk.) with Mapbox GL, not a secret access token (sk.). See https://www.mapbox.com/api-documentation/#access-tokens

Can you please PM me and add [email protected] to your app, so we help you better?

Hi Karel,
Have’nt found how to PM U on this tottaly new Forum for me…

I m looking for a way to display OpenStreetMap maps (rather thatn Google ones)

  • Is your MapBox plugin able to do that ?
    Thanks, Terii

(official mapbox.com does offer map sourced from OSM I believe :slight_smile: )

You re right here.
In fact, Mapbox works only with OpenStreetMap. You can read more what data are used here:

For better understanding how this plugin works, we have created simple demo.
Feel free to check it out :slight_smile: